About Me

I have trained and worked in the Education field since 1998.  In 1998 I entered the Bachelor of Education department at Malaspina University (now Vancouver Island University) in Nanaimo, BC.  Along with my Bachelor of Education I also completed my Bachelor of Arts with a double minor in Geography and Anthropology.  I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a teacher so going through this training was an easy decision for me.

In 2002 I graduated with my degrees and began to embark on my career.  In 2004 I took my biggest step and moved to London, England where I worked as a supply teacher for 2 short months before moving to a position at an inner city school for the remainder of my 2 years there.  This was an eye-opening experience for me and taught me so much, not only about teaching, but about myself.

In 2006 and returned to Canada and moved to Kamloops, BC.  For two and a half years I worked for 2 school districts and 2 private schools as a Teacher-On-Call.  Each day was a new challenge as I never knew where I would be or what grade I would be teaching.  It was an excellent way to continue to hone my skills and work at what I loved doing.

However, in 2009, my husband’s office closed in town and we were relocated to Vancouver.  I was uncertain of what this would mean for my career but I was fortunate to obtain a teaching position at a Sikh school teaching Grade 6.  That was a wonderful opportunity.  I met a group of wonderful parents, students and teachers.  I got to learn a lot about a faith I was largely unfamiliar with as well as a culture.  It was a wonderful 2 years.

However, in 2011 our situation changed and we returned to Kamloops.  It was at this time my personal situation changed as well as the opportunities in my chosen field.  In 2012 I was fortunate to be hired on at Thompson Rivers University.  While I am not teaching children any more I still get to stay involved in an educational system.  I started in my current role in December 2013 and it has taught me a lot.  Each day I get to come to work and feel challenged by what I do and always have opportunities to learn.

I feel very fortunate for the opportunities I have had in my life. I have been able to meet many wonderful and diverse people. I continue to look forward to my path in life to see where it leads me and what new opportunities I will encounter and be able to learn from.


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